Cross-border Repair

Cross-border Repair

Cross-border repair service is a cross-border e-commerce logistics brand under shopkeeper logistics, which solves the problem of import repair of your products with "0 tariff".
When the goods comply with the provisions of the Comprehensive Bonded Area Maintenance Product Catalog and the added catalog, you can apply for returning the goods from abroad to the domestic bonded warehouse, and then return the goods to overseas after the repair is completed in the bonded warehouse. The maintenance costs arising from the bonded maintenance business shall be taxed according to the regulations, but if the quantity of the repaired goods at the time of shipment is the actual quantity of the goods out of the region, the tax reduction and exemption method is "full exemption".

Build a product maintenance line for you, which can save tariffs

It can also help you avoid complicated and cumbersome customs procedures

Product Advantage

  • Simple procedures

    Tax exemption, deposit exemption and agreement exemption

  • Simple data

    Just provide the packing list and form of the returned goods

  • Fast time

    After the goods arrive in Hong Kong, the order will be transferred, and the import processing can be arranged the next day after the goods are picked up and returned to the bonded warehouse

  • Low Cost

    Labor cost and site maintenance cost are lower than those in Hong Kong